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BKR® Leaf Blower LB-1 LG0634

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BKR® Leaf Blower is a very useful blower and can be used in every area. It is portable and cleans out the required area. It has a cover that collects all dust. Thus cleans the area efficiently.

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  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold by exclusively Jagan Hardware

BKR® Leaf Blower is the best leaf blower. It comes with these specifications-

1.) It Produces reliable and economical power.

2.) Its engine speed is 7500rpm,2 stroke petrol engine.

3.) Its tank capacity is 50ml/liters.

4.) It is Lightweight in design to eliminate operator strain even during extended use.

5.) It is of 1 HP and has a displacement of 26CC.

6.) It decreases the workload of an individual.

Also available SKU- LG0635

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