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BKR® Barbeque Grill with 8pcs Skewers Set LG0939

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BKR® Barbeque Grill with 8pcs Skewers Set LG0939 This Double-Drum BBQ is the perfect bbq for your house parties with friends and families. Cook delicious bbq meals with ease and its grill gives a different and better taste. Made of high-quality Material. Each And Every Product Goes Through Numerous Quality Standard Checks, and Only The Finest Of The Finest Units Are Sent To The Customers. Fuel: Charcoal. Portable and easy folding have a handle to carry. It has Multipurpose such as BBQ, Grill, Outdoor BBQ Etc. You will also get the 8pc skewers set for all Suitcase BBQ needed & safe for Grilling & BBQ Grill Gloves. Outdoor BBQ: Camping, picnic,s, etc is really fun a day, Environmental-Friendly and healthy.

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    In a few simple steps, the BBQ charcoal grill can be easily converted into a double-side firebox. If you love good Outdoor Picnics then this Double-Drum BBQ is for you. You can have this portable Drum BBQ & Have A Great Time While Watching The Movies Or Parting With Friends.


    It's easy to carry as it has a wooden handle and clasp to close it. It is very well designed just for Food Lovers so that it's suitable for participating in outdoor activities such as picnics, and family or friends gathering.

    Heavy & Durable Grills

    This product comes with a heavy & durable grill made of metal to keep the food close enough to the heat of the coal and provide adequate cooking. Heavy Grills last for a long & stop food from falling.


    Following The Make In India Campaign This Is Completely Made In India,

  • Whether at a picnic or a small gathering in the backyard, this portable charcoal steel BBQ will come in handy.
  • This portable grill is the perfect companion to warm weather.
  • Portable BBQ grill
  • Easy to fix and re-pack
  • Very easy to clean and carry
  • Grab and Go Locking Lid
  • Lid conveniently opens as a secondary grill or cooling rack
  • Chrome plated grill
  • Dimensions: 55x36x76 cm

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