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Kisankraft KK-LMP-6416 Petrol Lawn Mower 4 HP LG0257

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Petrol lawnmower 4 HP KisanKraft is a well-known mower. It cuts the grass very efficiently thus makes it look good to eyes and feel. Its weight is about 12 kg why it is very easy to handle. It comes with a handle ,4 wheels. Its gatherer is made up of nylon and chassis is with good material which ensures its durability.

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Petrol lawn mower 4 HP KisanKraft is a mower with manual push.It has various features-

1. Has  a 4-stroke engine with 2800 rpm.

2. Fuel tank capacity is about 1 litre.

3. Cultivation width is 400mm.

4. Cultivation height is 25-75mm.

5. Can be adjusted to 10 heights.

6. Grass gatherer capacity is about 50 litres.

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