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BKR® Solar Powered Garden Flame /Wall Pillar Light LG0644

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BKR Solar Light comes with Li-ion battery ie.1500mah. Automatic sensor activates in darkness. Solar charging time is 8 hrs. Its a flame light and have a long life span.Model no-JG-1

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Waterproof Grade - Made of durable and waterproof ABS plastic, withstanding all weather conditions, no worries about raining, snowing and frosting. Suitable for outdoor lighting, which can be installed in your garden, pathway, driveway, backyard.

Long Working Time - Equipped with high-efficiency solar panels and high capacity battery, after fully charged under the sunlight for about 8 hours, the light will light up 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter. Note: charging time will be influenced by weather condition.

Energy Saving - It is solar-powered, no additional electrical tools needed, just put it under the sunlight to absorb the solar energy which will be transferred into electricity. with built-in sensitive light sensor, it automatically turns off at dawn to save energy and turns on at dusk to give off beautiful lights.

Easy to Install - No wires needed, simply install them into the ground, no need to spend too much time on installation.

  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware
  • BKR®Solar Light is a very beautiful light. It can be called a solar-powered garden /wall pillar light. It has the following characteristics-

    1.)It can be installed in seconds.

    2.)It comes with cells and has a long life span. that needs charging only from sunlight.

    3.)It sticks to virtually any surface.

    4.)It does not need batteries, durable and weatherproof.

    Model No -JG-1

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