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BKR® Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower LG0616

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BKR Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower Model No. BKR-PLM-20 cuts the grass effectively and makes the grass looks astonishing to eyes. As it can be adjusted into different heights it makes the work easier. Its gatherer is made up of nylon.

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BKR Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower is the best lawn mower at a reasonable price. It consists of the following characteristics-

1.) This 20 Inches lawn mower comes with 5.5 HP Engine.

2.) Its a self-propelled petrol lawnmower.

3.) It can be adjusted in 8 cutting heights, cutting height 30-80 mm.

4.) The grass storage capacity is 60 litres.

5.) It comes with a glass or drink holder which is made of solid material. Thus makes the work more fun. With a Cool feature of side discharge.

6.) Cutting Width: 510 mm

7.) Blade Type: Disc

8.) Deck Material: Steel

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