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BKR® Drip Irrigation System 10 Pcs LG0661

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Drip Irrigation system 10 Pcs Q1500
10 pcs drip irrigation system is used in Gardens, Pots. It can be used for providing water in the roots of the plants. It's a very useful system for irrigation.

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  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware

BKR® Drip Irrigation system 10 pcs is one of the important systems for irrigation. It provides water to the plants efficiently. It consists of the following characteristics-

1.)It consists of connector, pipe, drippers.

2.)It provides the required amount of water to the crops, plants and proper utilization of water is done with it.

3.)It helps in the proper growth of the plant. It keeps the air cool and maintains the temperature.

4.)Water is filtered via the main unit while lowering the pressure in the system to working pressure. The main unit must be removed in winter to avoid freezing.

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