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BKR® Deer Shape Wooden Flower Pot LG0671

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BKR® Deer shape wooden flower pot M1500
BKR® Deer shape wooden flower pot makes the house appealing to eyes. It provides an elegant look to the house. It's the best buy in a budget. One can grow any plant in this pot. It will grow perfectly.

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  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware

BKR® Deer shape wooden flower pot are environment-friendly. They get mixed with soil easily when their time is over. It has the following characteristics-

1.)It comes in a unique design that is comes in one open log shape vase and four legs which represents a deer.

2.)It helps plants in growing as full nutrients, water is absorbed by the plants in it.

3.)It is weather-resistant if proper care is done.

4.)It increases the look of the house.

5.)Total Length-40cm , Pot Length-22cm,Pot height-10cm.

  • Also available SKU- LG0672
  • Note: Customization and Printing available on extra charges,Options for any other Pot or Plant also available.
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