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BKR® Nylon Trimmer Line 2.0mm x 50 metre LG0657

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BKR®Trimmer Line NLT-50M-2
BKR®Trimmer Line is the very useful attachment of brush cutter that cuts out the grass very easily and makes the area look good. It cuts the grass with pressure and clears out the whole area. It is inserted in Tap and Go and then used efficiently.

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  • Branded and marketed by BKR, sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware

BKR® Nylon Trimmer Line is made of nylon material. It comes in different colors. It has several characteristics-

1.) It's 50 meters in length and 2mm in diameter.

2.) It is used for heavy-duty cutting and is sharp enough to cut and provides a good finish.

3.) It can be used in a wide range of brush cutters for cutting any type of grass.

4.) It is unbreakable, weatherproof and long-lasting.

5.) It comes in a circular box. While operating trimmer one must wear out an eye, face protection.

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