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GARDENA 8144-20 Comfort Turbo-Drive Sprinkler LG0974

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The silent turbo-drive sprinkler with spike for large areas. The GARDENA Comfort Turbo-Drive Sprinkler is ideal to water large areas between 75 and 450 m² silently. The stable turbo-drive sprinkler has a range between 10 and 24 m in diameter. The adjustable irrigation sector between 20° and 360° ensures high flexibility for the sprinkler. Thanks to the two-zone watering and the deflector, no puddles build during the even watering process. You can adjust the throw distance with the large knob comfortably between 5 and 12 m. With the integrated spike, you are able to fix the sprinkler in the ground, for an even stand. The patented turbo drive gear is resistant to dirt. To ensure easy cleaning and maintenance, the integrated filter of the sprinkler can be removed easily.

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  • Quiet, sturdy Turbo-Drive Sprinkler
  • It is whisper-quiet, stands on a stable plastic spike, and is suitable for larger areas up to the max. 450 m².
  • Even water distribution without puddles
  • The water distribution is even thanks to 2-zone watering and a specially shaped deflector.
  • Convenient, infinite range adjustment
  • With the large adjustment knob, the spray range can be infinitely adjusted.
  • Set the irrigation sector - easily and with fine range selection
  • Thanks to the fine range selection, the sectors to be irrigated can be conveniently set. Which sector is set between 20° - 360° can be clearly viewed at a glance.
  • With patented turbo drive gear and dirt filter
  • The patented turbo drive gear is dirt-resistant. Dirt is caught in the fine-mesh and easily removable filter.
  • Specifications
  • Article No. 8144-20
  • Area coverage min 75 m²
  • Area coverage max 450 m²
  • Range of Spray (m) 5 m - 12 m
  • Irrigation sector 25° - 360°
  • EAN-Code: 4078500814409
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