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Manual Water Pump For Bisleri Bottles – HM0408 BUY 1 GET 1

Old Price: ₹1,000.00 ₹699.00 ₹592.00

Item no. 145106 Imported item sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware

Product:Manual Water PumpHand Press Manual Pump is very useful for pumping water from water dispenser. Dispenser water bottles are being used in offices, schools, factory, hospitals, camping, functions, etc. Using the Hand Pump eases the task to pump the water without leakage of water by the use of vacuum action for pumping. It comes with detachable tubes for easy cleaning. It’s manual and economical too

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  • Convenient to use with all Universal 19-20 and 25 Ltr bottles - For BISLERI BRAND as well...!!
  • Innovative & Simple working system. Hygienic and lasts a long time.
  • Easy attachment and detachment with simple use & Transparent Middle Part
  • Made of plastic which complies with food packing regulations. Spring will not get rust or break like metal springs.
  • No dripping, No leakage.
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