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Kisankraft KK-LMP 6419 Petrol Lawn Mower -LG0238

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KisanKraft KK-LMP 6419 Lawnmower is a self-propelled mower. Its gatherer capacity is about 60 ltr that makes it interesting in features. Weight of the machine is about 12 kg which is easy to operate. It is a well-versed mower with which maintaining lawn and garden is so easy. Its an economical lawnmower.


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KisanKraft KK-LMP-6419 Lawn mower 4 HP is one of the best pick of KisanKraft.It cuts the grass very efficientlyand is a petrol mower.It is loaded with several features.These are described below-

1.It is a self propelled lawn mower with 4 stroke engine.

2.Rpm is about 2800.

3.Fuel tank capacity is about 1 ltr.

4.Cultivation width is about 460mm.

5.Can be adjusted upto  7 heights.

6.Grass gatherer capacity is about 60 litr .

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