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BKR® Water Sprinkler 3 Arm Round Lawn Sprinkler, 360° Rotating Garden Sprinkler System – LG0328

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Item no. LG-1002 Imported item sold exclusively by Jagan Hardware

Water Sprinkler 3 Arm Round Lawn Sprinkler This revolving sprinkler is a perfect choice when wanting to water smaller yards and gardens. Its compact, all plastic design provides a gentle rain like watering pattern great for all watering tasks. The adjustable black nozzle ends can be rotated to customize the direction of spray, or stop the sprinkler from spinning. The stationary setting is great for watering shrubs, trees, small areas, and individual plants

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  • Premium Quality Materials - High quality ABS materials ensure sturdy and constant use. Internal thread allows sealing tightly and securely.
  • Long Spray Distance - Simply connect water joint to the connector and faucet. Allow up to 10m distance of watering with international standard pipes.
  • Adjustable Spray Angle - Adjust the nozzles from 15° to 45° for the desired swivel speed and spraying angle to ensure the full coverage.
  • Wide Coverage - The three adjustable arms can spin and cover a wide irrigation area. Perfect for lawn, yard, garden and etc. Help you save water with even and efficient irrigation.
  • Adjust the watering pattern. 1st Slow speed mode can water your lawn and garden which can get your plants a natural watering experience.2nd High speed mode allows wide water range and long distance of watering.
    • Specification

      • 360 degree rotating spray, three Arm Rotary Lawn Sprinkler double water inlet, and water-saving design
      • Spray diameter: 26 to 32.8 feet
      • Purpose: lawn irrigation, garden watering, roof cooling
      • Material: High quality ABS engineering plastic
      • Color: Blue with Black
      • Product Dimensions: 6′ x 6′ x 3.5′
      • Item Weight: 7 oz
      • Features: ABS plastic, used for lawn irrigation, garden watering, cool roof, spray a larger area
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